What is UP communication ?

UP communication is all about excelling in facilitating communication courses. As the only Process Communication Model® provider in Western Australia, and one of only two providers in Victoria, we carry a heavy responsibility to ensure that we perform at our peak, to help you perform at yours.

Skills, not rules.

Understanding the Process (UP) within communication is vital if you want to truly connect with people. Here at UP, we take people through a very practical and applied journey to learning a new skill. This is not theoretical mumbo-jumbo. Our courses emphasize solidifying learning through small group activities and one-on-one opportunities with our facilitators.

Do you find it difficult or frustrating when communicating with your team or customers?

UP communication gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to communicate effectively with your team and customers. Our communication training equips you with the necessary skills to deal with any situation assertively without hesitation. Our style of training enables speedy transition of proven techniques to help you with any situation you are confronted with in your personal or business life.

Good communication is vital for businesses to realize their full potential. Dealing with staff and clients in an effective and proactive manner will bring out the best in yourself and those around you. Sound communication skills equip the modern day manager with a skill set enabling the ability to lead, inspire, organise, and manage others. Management and executive staff who are striving to excel, benefit from knowledge that leads to easy workplace conflict resolution and ensures minimal disruption to the works of the business and its people.

UP communication offers a number of seminars developed for communication skills training benefitting home life at a personal level, as well as effective management skills and customer service training for business catering to the needs of employees or professionals. We believe it is profoundly important for everyone to communicate effectively regardless of status and profession. Our influential and motivational presentations are customised to meet the requirements of today’s fast-paced active lifestyle and workplace. Participants who enroll in these seminars emerge with new insight and proven practical techniques to tackle life’s challenges across personal and professional domains. Communication skills training, when done well, has a significantly positive impact on relationships; be they personal (spousal, parent-child, sibling), or professional (employer-employee).

From chaos to calm.

We are a dynamic team of professionals with immense knowledge in all facets of communication. Our training programs will help you communicate with diplomacy and professionalism and maintain a positive influence in all situations including the ability to calm volatile situations within your team. Our training will teach you to adapt to the communication style of your audience and identify the differences between forceful, confident and passive communication.

At UP Communication we understand that everybody is an individual and unique in every way. We will provide you with the tools necessary to effectively communicate in a team or individual environment. We engage our audience with practical concepts so you can implement effective strategies in your workplace or personal life quickly and seamlessly. In a nutshell, we impart knowledge in an engaging, flexible, dynamic and thoughtful manner.

Vision and values.

We believe we are experts in communicating.

We’d love for you to believe the same thing in us… but more importantly, in yourself.

Our vision is to empower people to share the humanity of communication to positively amplify outcomes. UP communication’s mission is “communication to enhance your world.” We passionately believe that no matter your background, we can assist you in learning the science behind the art of communication so that your relationships across all your life domains (work, rest and play) can flourish through better and worse.

Contact us today if you would like more information about any of our seminars. We can tailor a seminar to suit your exact needs or requirements.

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.
–Anne Morrow Lindbergh