Our team at UP have all seen the benefit of the Process Communication Model® in their own lives, and are passionate about sharing this knowledge for the betterment of others. Along the path of life we seem to get hit with so many theories and models hailing from various schools of thought to attempt to explain human behaviour. It seems everyone has a theory – your spouse, parents, kids, heck even your hairdresser! However, in our team we have found PCM to cut to the heart of what it’s all about. Here is a model that explains and predicts the good and bad in all of us and can apply the theory to every relationship in your life!

What We Offer

Flexible Options

We work hard to please. We can tailor-make seminars to suit your needs and deliver it virtually anywhere – even your living room!

Only PCM Provider in WA

PCM is a worldwide business and UP communication is the only business currently operating in WA offering PCM courses.

Various Locations

UP communication offers a range of seminars in a range of locations. North, South, East and West in Perth Metro, as well as regional areas of WA.

Ongoing Learning

We know that sometimes information overload sees much good knowledge disappear from memory! That is why we offer booster sessions and masterclass courses to keep your knowledge fresh and current.

One-to-one Coaching

At UP, we offer coaching either individually or in couples following completion of any PCM Seminar. We have a Psychologist on the team who is experienced in coaching and therapy.

Learn the How Not Just the What

Complete an individualized personality profile inventory (PPI) and unlock a whole whack of information about yourself. How do you like to receive communication? How do you pull yourself out of distress? How do you feed your psychological needs? How do you help others in distress? How can you arrange your work-life balance so that you can be happy? Sure, we give you a label, but that label is merely shorthand to discovering so much more about yourself!

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