Learn the skills to decode the physical and verbal language of individual personalities and improve the spirit, performance and productivity of your team.

The Process Communication Model® can be utilised in so many different areas of life. In motivation, in conflict resolution, in learning how second by second, interaction by interaction an employee, colleague, family member or friend can be motivated to be the very best they can possibly be.


Communication enhancement is just as important in your personal life as it is in your professional life. Heck, some would say it is more important to be happy and stable at home than anywhere else. Here are a few options to improve your personal communication. Note that PCM Seminars 1 and 2 can improve communication in both realms, so if you are after a longer style, information packed seminar, then head to the blurb for those seminars.

Seminar delivery is very flexible for these more informal seminars. We can book a large venue near you if you have lots of people keen to attend, or we can deliver this from a home setting for just a few people.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements where we can tailor a seminar to suit your exact needs. Refer to the Professional and Personal drop down menu options under the Seminars tab for further information on each specific seminar we offer.


We pride ourselves on being flexible, which is why we can offer courses all over Australia. If you have 8-12 people keen to attend as a group, then we can come to you anywhere in Australia. Get in touch with us and make it happen! Note that some destinations may require higher minimum numbers to allow us to cover costs.

Alternatively, our default location for UP seminars is in the Melbourne CBD.

We can offer suggestions in the Yarra Valley and Margaret River Wine Region as to more luxurious retreat-style conferences for your team. These are the perfect destinations for a deluxe seminar combined with some team building activities.